A Thoughtful Analysis after an experience with MLMs:

I was on the sales floor at Target when I overheard a conversation between a young couple about transferring colleges. My ears perked up when my university was mentioned, so I took this opportunity to speak with them.

Our conversation started extremely well. They asked me what I did, so I explained my role as a wireless sales manager and the university I attended. Likewise, I asked them what they did for a living. The boyfriend briefly describes his role as a technical controller for marine corps recruiting. His girlfriend mentions her full-time classes at Mira Costa, and that she works full-time as well.

The boyfriend then mentions in passing that he owns a side business. His eyes lit up as he remarked on early retirement goals. Intrigued, I asked him about it. With a change of tone, he explains that it’s too complex to explain in one sitting, but he would be willing to sit down with me over coffee and go over this opportunity.

My curiosity began to grow, especially since he mentioned passive income streams. I agreed to meet with them, and met with them the following week at a café in Carlsbad.
The husband, whom I built a rapport with over phone conversations, explains that he wants to get to know me better and build a level of trust before he tells me more about the business. I agreed, and my feelings of antsiness temporarily subsided.

Then came the book. He asks me to finish reading a book for our next session. I glance at the title, which reads “Business of the 21st Century.” I recognized the author Robert Kiyosaki, a respectable financial guru noted for other published works.

The following week, I go on a highlighting frenzy during my off time. I noticed “network marketing” mentioned a lot throughout the book, which hinted at what I was expecting. By no means did the book offer an action plan, but rather a collection of curated anecdotes that served as motivation.

The following meeting, I meet with my “mentor.” Again, words like “building trust” and “opportunity” are peppered in the conversation. He continued to probe my brain for interests, goals, and values. At the end of the meeting, we agree to meet at a house in Carlsbad to network.


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